we are using ZCM 11.1 with some post patches.
We try to create a bundle which installs or updates Mozilla Thunderbird.
We would like to prompt the user before the installation starts if
Thunderbird is running, because the process must be stopped. In another
thread i read that the action "Prompt user" does not work. So i tried
the suggested workaround with a small VBScript and the "Run
Script"-Action. The action looks like:

General Tab:
Script to Run : Define your own script
Script content :
CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Popup "Ihr Mailprogramm Mozilla
Thunderbird muss aktualisiert werden, dazu wird dieser automatisch
beendet", 900, "Update Ihres Mailprogramms"
Script file extension : .vbs
Path to Script Engine : ${WINDIR}\System32\wscript.exe
Wait before proceeding to next action : When action is complete

Advanced Tab:
Executable security level : Run as logged in user

Requirements Tab:
File Exists = P:\mozilla\thunderbird\parent.lock, Yes

In the other actions we kill the prozess thunderbird, install the
software and prompt the user that the installation has finished
successfully with nearly the same script.

We tested the bundle and created a Distribution Schedule "On device
refresh" but the users are not prompted. The other actions are working,
Thunderbird is installed correctly and the user is informed after the
installation . But without prompting before the installation starts we
cannot do a Rollout.

The funny thing is: When i place an App-Icon on the Desktop and start
the Installation Bundle using this icon it's working: The users are
prompted with the above script action.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,