Hi all, I'm hoping that there is some recovery that I may be able to do here.

I had a bundle created and for ease of organization, wanted to move it (along with several other bundles) into a new folder that I had created.
I checked off all the bundles that I wanted to move, selected Edit/Move then picked the desired folder and hit OK. All but one bundle sucessfully moved, and now I cannot locate the one bundle that didn't. It has disappeared from the bundle group that it was associated to, and when I run a zac bl on the one testing workstation that it had been run on, it doesn't show there either.

About the only information that I still have regarding this wayward bundle is the GUID that I pulled from a workstation that it had run on. Maybe there is a way to pull the bundle information from the workstation and upload that back into the zone?

Clear as mud? Any thoughts?

Would REALLY appreciate some suggestions, as the one bundle that is gone was (naturally) the primary install bundle for Firefox, whereas the remainder were really small simple Install file bundles that just modified the homepage setting. The missing bundle size was not that large (about 17 Mb).

I know there is a way to restore the database, but I'd rather not go there and take the "kill the fly by demolishing the building" approach.