Hello all,

I have seen some recent threads with questions regarding SpoonPlay and SpoonReg, so took it upon myself to contact Spoon and see what they can tell me.

First, there have been some complaints about the detail of the documentation, specifically regarding these tools. That is being worked on by Spoon and the people in Novell responsible for the documentation. All I know at this point is that it's being dealt with and will be updated appropriately in due time.


The question I saw regarding SpoonPlay was asking if the cache could be placed in a central area for all users. It actually needs to point to a specific file, as that will be the cached version of the streamed exe:

SpoonPlay.exe /model=\\path\to\model\model.xm /XSandboxPath=\path\to\zav\sandbox /cache=\path\to\cache\app.name.exe


There have been a couple of questions regarding SpoonReg, its /cache flag and its /nocache flag. Here is an example of a command that someone tried to run:

SpoonReg.exe /cache c:\temp\cache\ http://streaming.webserver.net/app.xml

The issue here is this: if SpoonReg is pointed to an XML, a number of flags (including the /cache and /nocache flags) will not be utilized. SpoonReg should instead be point to an exe:

SpoonReg.exe /nocache \\path\to\app.exe

That command will register the application to the endpoint, without downloading a copy.

There was also a question regarding the syntax of the move option for the /cache flag; this is actually something that needs to be corrected in the documentation, as the move option is for the sandbox location a spec uses, not the cache.

I hope that clears up some confusion. I will be updating this as I receive new information.