We are having an issue where users in a child domain cannot login to the GroupWise WebAccess portal, the page displays the following error:

Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly...

This is only happening with users in our child domain, users in the parent domain have no issue logging in. At the console I see the following from the log file:

11:13:51, <GWAP>, -, INFO, dummy.Some Post Office.Some Domain, Login failed ( Incorrect password

I know the password is correct as I just created this user, hence dummy ;) I have tried logging in with the fully qualified name as well, didn't resolve the issue.

A second and unknown if it is related issue is this error when users login:

11:09:27, <GWAP>, -, ERROR, jneubauer, Connection failed (smtp.some.domain:7205): WebAccess Agent is not listening

Even though the above error is listed, the users login fine and notice no issues (just tested with my own login).

Obviously I need to get the users from the child domain able to login before I worry about what appears to be a cosmetic error.

Thanks for your time all!