Is it possible to do a bare metal recovery or another disaster recovery
of a single DSfW server in a multi server edir tree?

I could not find anything useful on that issue and in the meantime I
doubt, that this is at all possible.

There are several edir attributes for DSfW objects, which are set to
not replicate. These are only stored on the local server and lost if
you loose the local edir replica e.g. due to a server failure.Further I
have learned that restoring a local edir replica from backup into an
existing and running edir tree is an absolute no go, if you want to
avoid quite a lot of troubles. Furthermore you cannot manage those
values with the edir tools available for users and administrators, you
can set them only via the tools, which are used by NTS so in fact only
via opening a SR.

On a simple non DSfW OES server, you can do a disaster restore without
having to hassle with not replicated attributes.

In a single server tree, there is also no problem.

I think there needs to be a solution to this problem, but I doubt there
is one. I only remember the troubles I had after an edir crash on my
DSfW server where the lack of correct values for those attributes after
rebuilding the dib from the other replicas, lead to quite some
problems, which could only be solved via NTS.

I even think, that without help from NTS you are unable to restore a
crashed DSfW server in a multi DSfW server tree, but you are at least
able to install a new server, which can take over the role of the
crashed server.

W. Prindl