I'm working on a migration project with a tree that contains 5 OES1 servers, 3 OES2 servers. In the documentation I came across info indicating I need to standardize the novlxsrvd, novlxregd users and the novlxtier group posix info on all the servers. See link below.

Novell Documentation, Section 2.5.3 If Your Tree Has Ever Contained an OES 1 Linux Server with LUM and NSS Installed.

This tree has 5 each of the novlxsrvd, novlxregd users and 5 novlxtier groups. Does anyone know of a way to consolidate these and is there a way to tell which server is using which set of users/group?

There is a script to run called fix_xtier_ids.sh which I ran on one of the servers but it didn't seem to work because the id command for the two users still shows the wrong uid.

Also I'm wondering what services use xtier, I only know of Netstorage for user. Does any one know what other services use it?

Thanks for any assistance.