I'm trying to find out exactly what registry and file entries SpoonReg uses when creating shortcuts, associations, and etc. Most of it seems straightforward but what registry entries need to be in place for it to register "Open With" entries and other items when you right click on associated file types?

For instance I created a ZAV of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Normally after an install you can right click a PDF and get Acrobat 9 Pro as an "Open With..." option along with Adobe Reader. That isn't happening when I SpoonReg the ZAV. I just get the desktop and start menu shortcuts.

An example I've seen work is VLC Media Player. If you SpoonReg a ZAV of that, you will get it's play options when right clicking associated files. So what registry keys does it look for? I can manually add what it wants if I just know where it is getting it from.

I'm going to be experimenting with different options. I'll post any progress I make. But if anybody knows of any documentation on this kind of information please let me know. Given what I've seen of the documentation so far, I doubt there is.