I am evaluating if DSfW would be useful in our environment, but there are a few questions I couldn't find an answer yet in this forum and/or the DSfW documentation.
The goal for DSfW would primarily be to authenticate to eDirectory and use Novell Shares, Printers and SecureLogin (eDirectory back-end) without requiring the Novell Client.

1) Today we are logging into our eDirectory using the Enhanced Smart Card NMAS Method. Can Smartcards be used to log in to DSfW? Or would that still require the Novell Client?
2) We have an existing Securelogin installation (with eDirectory back-end). Would SecureLogin work with DSfW (i.e. without Novell Client)?
3) We have an existing Windows 2008 R2 Domain (both Domain and Forest functional levels are Windows 2008 R2). Will we be able to establish a cross-forest Trust between DSfW and the 2008 R2 Domain?
4) If yes (point 3), can groups be nested between the Active Directory Domain and DSfW (can I put a group defined in the DSfW Domain inside a group in the 2008 R2 Domain)?
5) If there's a Trust between an Active Directory Domain and a DSfW Domain, can DSfW users log in on Workstations that are joind to the Active Directory Domain?
6) If yes (point 5), can Group Policy loopback processing be used on Active Directory-joined Workstations for users coming from the DSfW Domain?
7) Any idea on when it will be possible to use the Trust in the other direction (Active Directory Users -> DSfW Resources)?

I would be very grateful for any answers.

Thank you very much,