I am currently testing the ZCM Agent Update for Zenworks (11 SP 2) using Stages with some unclear behaviour:

On some but not all workstations configured in the current stage the Agent deployment starts without a logged in user and the workstation is rebooted without a chance for the user to stop the reboot after finishing the update. If the user logs in during this process the upgrade slows down the login significant and after the upgrade finishes the workstation is also rebooted without giving the user a opportunity to postpone the reboot.

I have configured in ZCC at Configuration - Device Management - System Update Agent the system update behavior on ZENworks Agents to Show Permission Prompt, Unlimited Postpone, No timeout; Reboot Prompt Nag dialog on, unlimited postpone, no timeout; Show System Update Progress On.

What conditions force the immediate agent upgrade on some but not all workstations without a possibility to postpone the workstation reboot?

Werner Seifert
Johannes Kepler University Linz/Austria