Good day -

The environment is XP on desktops, servers are running eDirectory for Linux v8.8 SP2 [DS].

As part of the routine user moves between schools, I've moved some users from one OU to another. One user moved without incident, but the second one (same from: and to: OUs) is not mapping any drives at all, other than the F: and Z: (search) drives.

The error on mapping the home directory is 8804; errors on mapping the shared drive and student home directory drive returns:
Authenticating to server JHRV1
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be completed.
The error code was fffffda7

(example used was for the shared drive; same error on all other attempts to map other drives.)

A search of the knowledgebase returned nothing regarding that error code & drive mappings. The list of error codes itself indicates "NO SUCH ENTRY" as corresponding with error fffffda7.

Any help will be appreciated!

Tom Harper
Network Administrator
Liberty Hill Independent School District