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Thread: Vibe 3.2 - Create a unique id within a custom form

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    Vibe 3.2 - Create a unique id within a custom form


    Without using the Custom JSP, is there a way to create a unique id for a custom form entry? The scenario I have is as follows:

    1. User selects 'New Form' to make a request for an app enhancement,
    2. User enters the required information in the form,
    3. User submits the entry.

    At this point I would like to uniquely identify the request that the user submits. Set the value in a designated ID field and display it only when viewing at the folder level.

    All suggestions are welcomed and appriciated.

    I would also be able to use a datetime formatted as a string and concatenate with a couple of other user entered values to create a unique ID. I did find a way to set a value in a field using the Workflow but it is a static value that is defined once within the Workflow itself. If there is a way to extend that functionality somehow to use a datetime field and set it to another field, that could possiblly work as well. Dependent on if formatting can be applied to the value prior to setting it.
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