I've got 2 or 3 gremlins that are running around with Win7 and the Novell Client that are annoyances right now but will become headaches as we get more and more Win7 machines.

Here's the first one that I've been chasing today (hours of google searches) and another tech has been chasing off and on for the better part of 3 months.

Fire up a machine. Login to Novell, auto login gets me into the workstation side of things. Work on things for a while and lock my machine. Instead of being prompted for "Unlock Computer <novell user>", I get "Unlock Computer <workstation user>". I've got through all the options and nothing sticks out at me - and the TIDs and forums haven't helped since I don't get an error.

I do have other Win7 machines that are correctly giving the "Unlock Computer <novell user>", but comparing the options menu visually between the two doesn't register any differences. I've tried matching client version (example working machine has 2 SP2 IR2a) doesn't help. The other tech has gone through SP2, SP2 IR1, SP2 IR2, SP2 IR2a, SP2 IR2b, and SP2 IR3 without any luck.

Anybody know where else I could chase my tail at?