Hi, lately I have been getting a lot of errors with our DLU policies. Each 5 minutes I'm getting from 20 to 80 errors with this in the logs.

POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.UnknownApplyPoliciesF ailure{DLU_Non_Volatile_Administrator(5)}
POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.UnknownApplyPoliciesF ailure{DLU_Non_Volatile_Utilisateur(3)}
POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.UnknownApplyPoliciesF ailure{DLU_Volatile_Utilisateur(2)}

In fact, we get so many errors about this that our BD seems to get bigger each day!
So, the last few days, I have been trying to find the cause of these errors without any luck. Anyone have an idea or suggestion!?

We are running ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2

Any help will be much appreciated!