Hello. I'm having very slow connection between remote office's Groupwise Clients to our POA. The 'remote office' is on the other half of the globe.

If I set up a POA in that remote office, is it true the general user experience would be greatly improved? Say, a user sends an email, with 2MB attachment, the email should be off from GW Client to the POA through LAN in a few seconds, then, the message goes through the painful slow connection from POA to the post office through WAN. In short, slowness in sending is hard to accept, slowness in delivery is okay, I wish to set up POA in the remote office to move the slow part to delivery. Is it possible?

The email receiving is the same. Delay user from seeing a message is okay, but if a user sees an incoming message, he/she should be able to load and read it immediately. Can an additional POA in the remote office help?