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Thread: Office 2010 DDE not being added to registry

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    Office 2010 DDE not being added to registry

    I have captured and done a test deployment of Office 2010 with SP1, everything works fine, activation (KMS using app-v toolkit), all the apps launch, the icons are all there, but...

    There is one application that is used that doesn't pick up the fact that Excel and Word are installed. The application is SIMS .Net (An education MIS system by Capita)

    Looking at the file type settings, .xls files are associated with the spoon-launcher app. Delving into the registry though, there are no DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) commands listed for any of the Office 2010 apps. I have compared this with the ThinApp version of Office 2010 that we previously used and that does include the DDE settings in the registry and enables SIMS .Net to work fine. There is only a single command listed, which points at the spoon-launcher.

    Looking at the capture for Office 2010 all the DDE commands for each file-type have been captured correctly. Registry values have been added to HKCU and HKLM. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT has no entries added though, they exist on the actual snapshotting PC though.

    When using spoonreg I have been doing

    spoonreg /allusers /cache Office-2010.exe

    Windows XP + SP3 (with windows updates) no other apps installed
    ZAV 9
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