This is more of a question than an issue possibly. We recently upgraded our two primary servers from ZCM 11.1 to ZCM11.2 MU2. After a successful upgrade, we deployed the MU2 update to workstations which went well. Now that we are in the process of integrating the new MU2 agent into our image, we noticed some differences between a system that was "Upgraded" and a system that has a "fresh install" of the agent.

Here are some of the details;
Licensing States:
ZENworks 11 Configuration Management = Active
ZENworks 11 Asset Management = Active
All others = Deactivated
Machine 1 (Win7 x64):
Has the 11.1 agent installed, upgraded to 11.1MU2 via ZCM System Updates.

Machine 2 (Win 7 x64):
Adaptive Agent 11..2MU2 (standalone-no .Net) download from server and installed.
We are seeing the following installed on Machine 1 (upgrade) but NOT on Machine 2 (fresh).
-Novell ZENworks Preboot Service
-patch-langs > (
-tools-(freebsd, linux, netware, solaris, windows, winPre2k)
-ZENworks Image Explorer
-ZENworks Imaging Boot CD
-ZENworks Preboot Partition Updates

And, the following installed on Machine 2 (fresh) but NOT on Machine 1 (upgrade).
-Full Disk Encryption
-Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption-x64
-Novell Full Disk Encryption
-patch-langs > (
-ZENworks Agent Patch Management
-ZENworks Endpoint Security Extensions for ZCM
-ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

If you were to compare agent installs on the above machines would you expect to see the same components installed on both machines? Is this an issue with our system update process or is this as expected?

Here are screenshots of the Zenworks adaptive agent differences