System is GroupWise 8.0.2HP3 running on Netware6.5SP8

If you are viewing the users of a GW post office in C1, you can right-click
on a user account and bring up an information window that displays the
following fields:
Owned resources:
X.400 records:
Gateway aliases:
Last modified on:
Modified by:
Current mailbox size
Last client login time
Client version:
Client type:
Client language

All but one of the items listed above seem reflect accurate data.
None of the client login dates in my system are indicated as being more
recent than July 27, 2011.

There are many accounts in my system that show login date that are earlier
than July 2011, but none later.

Any of the accounts created after July 27, 2011 do not even show the
client-related fields, although they show the other fields.

I'm using a brand new C1 installation from the latest GW 8 files (8.0.2HP3).

Any idea as to why or is this another one of those dead-ended "features"?