Hi Guys,

Been searching the web and cant find a solution. We recently upgraded to ZCM 11.2 from 10.3.3, which went really well. I am now trying to get the agent upgrade on our environment which contains less than 2000 machines.

I have created some staging groups for testing and it works really well. But doing a mass upgrade would cause disruption to the service we provide and is not ideal. I created dynamic groups for each of our VLAN using the IP address in order to deploy bundles to department areas.

I found that you could not use Dynamic bundles for System Updates only Normal workstation groups. Adding all the machine into workstation groups is not a easy manually task.

I tried looking at the zman wgc command to add workstations, but the document states it can only add from a folder path within ZCM workstations folder, which does not help.

Does anyone know if I could add workstations using a scripting tool from a csv, txt file? Or is there any way to add the dynamic group members to static groups. I saw a request for this feature in one of the forum threads which was dated early 2011, but cant find if this was completed.