We have created a shared calendar which we want all staff members to have access too. We have set it up and shared it with no problem.
However, we have users who want to print out their personal calendars, along with the information from the Shared Calendar, each day. We are able to view the information together, however we are unable to print it out.
I have found via some web searching - that the only way to do this is to export the shared calendar, save it and then import it into the Personal calendar. In doing this, I found that each time you import the shared calendar it creates a duplicate entry. I would expect that it would override the previous entries each time.
As previously stated, I have users that need to import the Shared calendar daily. If they did that, they would have thousands of duplicate entries.
We have been unable to remove duplicate imports that one user has done. Each time she tries to delete one of the imported entries, we get a "d107" error, Record Cannot Be Found.

So, my question is 3-fold:
1) Is there any other way to print a Personal Calendar with the information from the Shared Calendar on it besides export/import?
2) If not, why does this create duplicate entries and not override previous entries?
3) How do we remove these duplicate entries that were created by the import?