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Thread: new user profile every 20 days - how to disable?

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    new user profile every 20 days - how to disable?


    we're using zenworks 7 to manage windows xp sp3 clients. Actually every 20 days every client gets a new one (username.001) is written locally :( - i don't know why. There must be a rule with 20 days in it which is the reason for this behaviour.

    Im not familiar with zenworks - but i searched the entire menues from zenworks for a value of 20 days and i found a menue called "Properties of Workstation Pack: Windows XP: Zenworks Desktop Management Agent" with an option "policy definition for dynamic local users" - there is a mark enabled for "enable cache for temporary users" with an value of 20 days - could that be the bad value who is responsible for the new profiles every 20 days? I've set the value to 200 and applied, but nothing changes and next day also 4 users told me that they become a new profile - what can i do.

    picture of option-window:

    Thank you for help and sorry for my bad english,
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