Hi all

This is my schema. I have a Groupwise 8.0.2 hp2 running with not much users (~ 200) and I am testing mobility
pack with my account.

Ok, I set up the machine on the dmz, setting up all parameters to connecting to the poa through soap,
and everything works. I can configure my account on my Nexus One phone, and I download
all my email, see my contacts on the phone book, etc.

But, the problem is that new emails, new contacts, are not syncing to the device. If I send an
email from the phone on this account, the email arrrives. But I cant see new emails on my

Its weird because it seems that everything is working... but seems that syncing is not. :?
I dont know what to check. The logs doesnt show pretty much... when and email arrives,
I dont see anything.

On the monitor page, for my user, I see:

User SE Events SE Events Queued GW Events GW Events Processed Notifications Queued
MyUser 3 0 0 0 0

POA State Queued Events Time Behind
postof.dom running 0 0

on the mobility monitor my user says "Synced"...

help! :-((((