I am attempting to connect an evaluation VDI-in-a-Box to a DSfW environment.

I have successfully joined the appliance to a DSfW domain after applying all patches to the DSfW server.

All appears well starting out with the setup. However, I have observed the following problem.

Normal Scenario

In a Microsoft AD Domain, the virtual desktop exhibits no problems after the Citrix Desktop Agent (dtagent) is installed.

DSfW Scenario

Joining the virtual desktop to the domain exhibits no problems until after the Citrix Desktop Agent is installed. After installation of the dtagent, all user profiles stop functioning after reboot. As a result, many services fail during boot, and logins no longer function with various errors including "User Profile Service Failed the Logon," "Access Denied," and "RPC Service is Unavailable." Safe Mode also fails with the system rebooting before a logon screen appears.

I am looking for insight into this problem and am wondering if anyone on the list can point me in the right direction.