I'm looking for some advice with regard to ZCM DR.

Currently we have 17 x 2mb WAN connected sites with ZCM satellites and 2 x ZCM 10.3.1 primaries and Oracle database at 20mb wan connected HQ site. All components hosted on Windows 2008.

We are now looking to enter into a contract with a business continuity company who will provide a 20mb wan connected DR facility.

Question is what ZCM infrastructure to deploy to DR site (Win 2008 DC, backup and file servers are a given).

We will need be able to build PCs (we currently use ENGL) at the DR site so will need a minimum of ZCM primary server 1 (CA) and database server available to achieve this.

I had thought to relocated ZCM primary 1 to the DR suite with a hot standby Oracle server.
ZCM primary 2 and the live database server would remain at HQ where most of the ZCM admin is carried out.

In the event of an invocation because of a problem at HQ we would restore the Oracle database to the hot standby server at the DR site and re-point the ZCM primary server 1 to use the restored database.

Does this sound feasible? What have other ZCM administrators put in place to recover ZCM?

Thanks in advance,