im currently testing a possible logon scenario with Novell Client for a student lab environment. Win7x64 Novell Client SP2 IR3

1. create a local mandatory Profile C:\users\mandatory.man.V2
2. create a local user 'dummy_user' with Profile Path c:\users\mandatory.man
3. configure Autologon for dummy_user
4. for Novell Client configure AutoAdminQueryNDS and for Zen Agent DisablePassiveModeLogin

Now after user authenticates he/she will be logged on with the local dummy_user and the mandatory Profile. Remember Windows 98 and the "Require validation by network for Windows access" Policy. Its bascially the same happening here but today we have Windows 7 "steady state = mandatory Profile". Today with Windows 7 it is only possible with Novell Client not Domain logon to use a mandatory guest user this way.
The fun Part is that Machine assigned Bundles (even user actions except variables that need zcm logged user) and Iprint Policies still work.

We could assign a local mandatory Profile to DLU Users also. The advantage with dummy_user:

* DLU no longer required ( i still see rare cases when the connection to the ZCM server will 'hang' the student clicks cancel will leaves the machine but the connection and DLU creation works after 30 seconds.)

* fast logon times of 3-5 seconds including script. if the mandatory profile is prepared from dummy_user. The dummy_user loads its own Profile as Mandatory.

* we could choose whatever Name for the dummy_user including spaces so the Student would see e.g. 'c:\users\Temp User' when browsing his Profile.

However i already came across 2 Privacy Issues: 1. Windows Search Indexer is not mandatory Profile aware. It will show IEs Browser History belonging to the SID - so search Indexer must be disabled.
2. Delete cached Profile GPO setting may lead to incomplete Profile deletion what in turn leads to creation of a new Profile c:\users\dummy_user.machine.000 so the user gets full access to profile remains from the last session. The Profile must stay in Place. Will it be reliably overwritten by the mandatory Profile......

What do you think?

best regards