We've been experiencing intermittant issues with deployment of the Monthly Update for ZENworks 11 (SP2) patch in our environment, and any advice on next steps in troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated! Our MU2 System Update has been patched with the fix as documented in TID 7009417. Scenarios include:

1. A freshly-imaged machine with the Agent (pre-MU2) gets the MU2 update assigned, but never deployed. Repeated attempts at refreshes, cache clears, etc, seem to have no effect. This occurs intermittantly, seems to be about 1 out of every dozen or so machines have this happen.

2. A freshly-imaged machine (that has never been in a ZCM zone, has no image-safe data at all) or a machine which had the ZAA uninstalled and reinstalled after a failure to update (from #1 above) has the ZAA installed manually from a primary server (Agent version, which is with MU2 with the fix configured). The version shows correctly on the workstations's ZAA properties as well as the workstation's summary page in the ZCC, but this workstation still shows "Update Assigned" for Monthly Update for ZENworks 11 (SP2) both on the workstation object properties as well as in the System Update Overview screen. Again, no refreshes, etc, seem to get this System Update status to change.

3. In addition, we've tested deploying the bundle documented with the MU2 fix onto machines with the " Monthly Update 2" agent. After bundle deployment, the agent version changes, but in the ZCC the workstation still shows "Update Assigned" for Monthly Update for ZENworks 11 (SP2). (It appears that this bundle only adjusts the agent version value in the registry though?)

The *only* scenario we've seen where a machine actually has the "Monthly Update for ZENworks 11 (SP2)" System Update status change from "Update Assigned" all the way to "Update Completed" is on machines that were and managed to have the update applied normally on a refresh. All other scenarios have resulted in the update being stuck on the "Update Assigned" status.

Is there any way to force a workstation to kick off assigned updates? Or are there any particular log entries to scan for which may give some clues? We've verified that the anti-virus exclusions mentioned in TID 7007545 were in place (as per TID 7009724), and we've also scanned zmd-messages.log and haven't seen the telltale entries documented in 7009724.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated!