We have just upgraded our servers from 10.3.1 to 11.1a over the weekend. The upgrade process went went well with no major issues. Today we started to notice devices changing names in the console and inventory scans with the wrong device name. By all accounts it appears its due to TID 7009362. We never seen this behavior in our 11.1a test lab so frustrating to say the least.

Under 10.3.1, our devices did not show a number, it has always been set to the device guid and we rarely had problems. The documentation doesn't go into great detail on the inner workings of reconciliation and I would like to device management the same way it was with 10.3.1 (at least for now). I have applied the patch given in TID 7009362 and unchecked Serial Number and Enable Differentiation in the registration settings but not 100% sure these are the correct steps.