When specifying the sandbox location in ZAV it is possible to use an envronment variable like %computername% or %username% to place the sandbox where I want it.

However using a %varname% in the working directory field or under the SVM button (for search path or directly linked SVMs) this does not work.

If I have a variable on the PC called %SVMLOCATION% and I insert this in the "Required SVM Name" line as: %SVMLOCATION%\java16xx.svm, then when I launch my built app I get the error:

The Application was unable to load a required component:
%SVMLOCATION%\java16xx.svm. Please contact the....

This tells me that %SVMLOCATION% is not resolved to proper content at runtime, but is somehow hardcoded.

Further testing reveals that even if I manaully enter the content of the variable inside ZAV/SVMs i get the same error however with the full correct path - so this may be a general problem.

So am I using the "Required SVM Name" section in a unintended fashion, or are we looking at a bug - anyone got this working ?