We have got a problem with the winpe maintenance mode over pxe boot.
We are using ZCM on a Windows 2003 server and are planning to upgrade our Windows XP environment to Windows 7.
The winpe.wim is loaded without any problems and it seems the network adapter gets the correct driver, since I can assign a static IP-Address with netsh and then I am able to ping the standard gateway.
But if I just try to get a new ip-Address from the dhcp-server with ipconfig /renew, it tells me that the dhcp-client received an ip-Address that is already in use and that the interface is deactivated until it is able to get a new Address.
On our test-workstations we needed to add the ArpRetryCount in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\tcpip\param eters to avoid getting messages about duplicate ip-Addresses. But changing this in the registry of the winpe.wim seems not to do the trick. Is there anything I can change in the winpe.wim or the zcm server or do I have to contact our network administrators to make it work?

Any ideas are gladly appreciated.
S. Fox