Running a mix of oes2sp3 & oes11 for my 3 dsfw servers. I'm looking at
replacing my two oes2sp3 boxes w/ oes11. I've changed dns to my oes11
and the operations masters are on that server as well.

One thing I cannot change is the DFS tab properties. Trying to follow
these steps:

If there is more than one DC make sure the PDC is active in the dfs
tab. To do this

1.Map a drive to the sysvol and specify the domain. Do not specify the
server when mapping the drive. Below is an example of mapping a drive
to a domain called
Right click on the domain folder. In this example it would be
Select the DFS tab
Select PDC and set as active

When I go through these steps, my oes11 server does not show up in the
DFS tab to make active.