I'm getting ready to install an OES 11 cluster(3 node). Reading through the docs there is a section about creating a VLAN for the heartbeat:

"Use a dedicated VLAN (virtual local area network) for each cluster.

The cluster protocol is non-routable, so you cannot direct communications to specific IP addresses. Using a VLAN for the cluster nodes provides a protected environment for the heartbeat process and ensures that heartbeat packets are exchanged only between the nodes of a given cluster.

When using a VLAN, no foreign host can interfere with the heartbeat. For example, it avoids broadcast storms that slow traffic and can result in false split-brain situations."

I saw a comment from kjhurni saying that he wouldn't follow those rules in this thread: http://forums.novell.com/novell/nove...vironment.html

I'd rather not have another VLAN just for the heartbeat. The cluster nodes are VMs in our VMWare environment. We just have a server vlan with less than 30 servers with no expectation for it to get above 50 at any point. What are the general thoughts about this?

Thanks in advance.