I just added a couple of OES 11 servers to my tree. This is not the first OES 11 server. I added the first one last week with no issues.

I tried to add a read/write replica to the latest server and it will not add. It's stuck in the new state. Running a synchronization status on my root master server(netware dsrepair), it shows the new oes 11 box with a -603 error and various -608 errors that seems to be cycling through all of the other servers regularly. Here is a snippet of dsrepair:

Replica: .emerald.UMADMIN.UMSD ********** ******** -603
Replica: .ruby.UMADMIN.UMSD 6-26-2012 22:21:07
Server: CN=emerald.OU=UMADMIN.O=UMSD 6-26-2012 22:23:05 -608 Remote
Object: sambaDomainName=RUBY-W.O=UMSD
Replica: .utility.UMADMIN.UMSD 6-26-2012 22:21:03

Where utility is an OES 2 server, ruby is the first OES 11 server which added fine, and emerald which is the foobar install.

I'm posting here because other than the edirectory forum because my tree was otherwise in good shape before this, so I'm thinking something went sideways during the install. I got a couple of LUM errors during installation referenced in a thread in this forum(1), but I got those when I installed the ruby server as well. When emerald boots, it stalls while loading namcd and ldap. Namcd on emerald and ruby look to be exactly the same.


(1). http://forums.novell.com/novell/nove...g-install.html