We're currently attempting to upgrade some of our clients from 10.3.x to 11 SP2, and have run into a few issues. We're looking to deploy the updates to specified devices in the zone, and have created a static workstation group for the purposes of this with around 500 devices in total. When we go to deploy the system update to this group, only about 15 of the workstation objects show up in 'Device with Pending Status', as we'd scheduled the update for next Monday morning. Although the Start Schedule is down as Mon Jul 02 01:00:00 BST 2012, a number of the devices are showing up already as 'Awaiting Reboot' (We chose 'do not reboot devices' as the reboot behaviour)

Why are the rest of the workstation objects in the group not showing up as pending? Why have the workstations that did appear pending seem to ignore the schedule and proceed anyway?