I’m currently running GroupWise 8 SP2 on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have recently had a need to delete a message that was delivered to several hundred recipients (approximately one quarter of all the mailboxes on a Post Office). Haven’t done this in years, so I used GWCheck and the SUBJECTPURGE = “Message Subject” Miscellaneous Support Option. If I’m not mistaken that was introduced around GW 6.5 (without having to use an external gwcheck options file as with previous version of GWCheck).
As my mailboxes grow more plentiful and larger this process takes longer, and it’s currently ridiculously long (many hours). As it searches each BLOB storage folder, message Database, and User database…
Has GroupWise 8 introduced any features that would expedite the process of deleting a message, of external origins, of which I am simply not aware? Or is this GWCheck SUBJECTPURGE still the only option?
Thank You!