I've been trying to port a reporting script I had put together for out OES Linux servers to run in bash on the Netware OS servers. I've been having a few issues with bash thought, and was wondering if the issues I'm running into are just limitations of the OS, or if maybe it is handeled differently in the Netware OS implementation of bash.
Also, another thing to note is I'm testing this on Netware 6.5 sp 8

variables in scripts:
ex. in linux this would work
$variable = `df -h`
echo $variable

for some reason it appears that the variable is hanging up bash in netware and the command just fails.

the other issue I've been having is if I want to string a few commands together with specific commands:
volumes |grep -i vol1

this seems to hang up the whole server. I'm able to do this with other commands, but when I use volumes, I got an error " BASH: cannot duplicate fd 6 to fd 0: bad file number"

this however isn't as big a deal as not being able to work with variables...

has anyone else tried this that might be able to help?