A few days ago I upgraded my ZCM 11.2 appliance to 11.2.1 and haven't pushed the client update to systems yet, but I also started building a new system base image for a new model laptop being deployed this year and I'm seeing something strange when I push patch updates to this system. My initial patch update push in the ZCM console indicated that I had 12 patches to apply, but after I created the PM Bundle and sent it to the machine the laptop indicated that it had 127 patches to apply. After completion and restarting the laptop I had 5 new patches to apply, and again when I sent the patches to the laptop it indicted that it was applying 25 patches. The laptop's ZCM client is running version 11.2.1 just as the server is.

For all practical purposes it appears that everything is working correctly, I'm just wondering why I'm seeing these large discrepancies between what the console says that I am pushing and what my workstation is telling me that I'm applying. Thanks!