As of today, we are a new school district. We added everyone from two other school districts to our groupwise system about 6 months ago. As of today, all of their email systems have gone offline. I added another internet domain to groupwise, and now we can send email and for the most part everything works fine. The only problem I see, is from places that do reverse lookups (I'm assuming) on email. They seem to still be pulling the old server domain name.

Ex. I send an email to most people, it shows up as If I send one to google or other email systems that do lookups, it still shows up as, which is the old address. I've made sure under internet addressing that the new address is the default. In the groupwise client, all the users' email address show up correctly. We are still getting email to the old addresses as well, but I'm not sure for how much longer. The server name exists in both dns groups.

Any help is most appreciated.

Phillip Allen