In the process of migrating away from NetWare to a Windows/AD environment. One of the most challenging pieces of the migration thus far has been to have Windows systems (7 and XP) with the Novell client installed, reliably and quickly map the Windows shares (during the first phase, before the machines are domained, the clients will continue to login to NetWare, and get drive mappings to Windows servers via the NetWare login script).

I've done tons of reading on this subject, and have fought the problem for years when we had the occasional system that needed to access a Windows share. I can see that the client machines are attempting to connect to the Windows servers on TCP 524, the NCP port. Of course the Windows box does not know what to do with this. I've tried opening TCP 524 on all Windows file servers, hoping that even though there is nothing listening on this port, the client may get the "nothing here" message and move on.

Configuring the provider order, ensuring the NetWare redirector is below the Windows one helps in some cases.

With XP, the tweak that did the most good was the Bad Server Name Cache. In most cases, configuring this with the names of our Windows servers fixes the issue. However, Windows 7 does not have the Bad Server Name Cache. I've tried the UNC Path Filter, setting it to off, and had mixed results.

Has anyone found a way to get Windows 7 machines with the Novell client installed to quickly and reliably map Windows shares?