I've updated from ZCM10.3.3 to ZCM11.2.
We have now an weird issue with Dell Optiplex 755 icw Windows XP.
We use ENGL toolkit and are able to put a Windows7x64 on that machine.

When we try to put Windows XP on that machine we get issues.
The images are restored (base,drivers,hotfixes) and after the reboot the machine will not boot.
If the hd is connected to anther PC as a secondary HD, the files of the images are on the drive and the partition is active.

When PXE booted, i look at the zisd data with zisedit, all data is blank. I can't change and write zisd data.

The HD is a Seagate ST3250310AS (no AFD). When change for an old 40GB hd, Windows XP restore works on the 755.

Has anyone an idea what to do or is an bug in the initrd (20-4-2012)?