Advice, suggestions? New eDir user accounts for new employees. New PCs freshly imaged Win7 with unr ZENagent. The PC is first physically set up and logged in with an Admin account, renamed and rebooted, then registered with ZCM, ZENagent refreshed, and rebooted. No problems. The new user account logs into Novell with an assigned *expired* password and the log-in locally to Win prompt comes up -- bad! The local account has not yet been created with DLU, and the user is stuck. If the eDir user account password is NOT expired, the problem goes away and DLU can create the local account. I've repeated this and tried variations and confirmed I can reproduce the problem -- it's all about expired edir password and no local profile yet. ZCM 11 sp1 and agents. We're stuck on deployment of new PCs to new employees.