Hi all,

I have a question according to the Novell Client for W7. Currently we are planning to open a branch office, and we would access to our OES. The problem is, that the WAN links a quite slow. My solution is to install a new server in the branch office and sync the two OES over night. We have several users, who have laptops and are moving between the two locations. How can I get the novell client now to mount the correct shares? For example, when the user logs in in location1, share1 and share2 on server1 should be mounted. On location2 share1 and share2 in server2 should be mounted. I skipped through the documentation for loginscripts, but could not find anything helpful.

I think it have to do something with these login profiles, but I found no option to set a different loginscript for each profile

Any ideas?