Greetings all-

We recently upgraded our ZCM system from version 11 to 11.2. We have 3 primary servers running on SLES 11 SP1 (x86-64) and backed with Oracle. Each of the primary ZCM servers have 24G of RAM.

Our main problem is we are getting 503 errors. We have a monitoring system checking to see if https://zenserver/zenworks-setup is available. I am not sure how else to monitor the problem. When this happens we can not register workstations and it will cause some database contention at times. There may be other functions that stop working but I only know about registering fails and the url gives a http 503 error (service unavailable).

We have increased the JAVA_MAX_HEAP and and tomcat threads according to the best practices document and restarted all services. It seams to happen at somewhat random times....but by restarting novell-zenserver it clears it up....but this is not a solution.

I do plan to open a SR Thursday morning (I get tomorrow off /cheer). If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know.

Thank you,