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    Primary servers moving

    Hey guys,

    We are in the process of moving our entire server farm off site to a managed data centre (thats what happens when you get consultants in). The IP range for the servers will be completely different in the new data centre. I've been told that our ZCM servers will also have to move, which has got me panicking.
    When I set the ZCM zone up I let it use an internal certificate (we don't have a certificate authority), and looking at it I can't see any mention of the server address, only the name, so i'm hoping that won't be an issue.

    Can anyone see any problem with me changing the primary servers IP addresses? (obviously DNS will be updated etc) Is there anything that might catch me out?

    We are running ZCM 11.1 on 2x 2008 r2 Primaries with a SQL 2008 database.


    A second question, we will have a 1gig link between headoffice and the new data centre. Thinking of failover incase the link should go down and general everyday admin, I know primaries shouldn't be in different physical locations, but given the speed of the link, would it be ok to install a third Primary and keep it in headoffice so that we can do all admin, and people can log into it?
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