I have the following issue with ZLM 7.3

The repository ran out of disk space a while ago.
Now a number of ZLM clients have a big issue with zmd, it is using all the CPU.

If I check /var/log/zmd-messages.log I see
05 Jul 2012 10:02:35 WARN BundleCapability No bundle with id 'ac3b8358fabdf1ced2a1c8ed7b856b8e' was found, needed for catalog 'SLES11-SP1-Updates'

And for a number of other catalogs.
I found a TID about it and the workaround was to change the discription of the catalog.
Tried that and didn't work.

I even deleted the catalog and it's RPM package bundle and then used zlmmmirror to download it again, to no avail.

Anyone have a suggestion how to fix it, because I had to stop the zmd agent on a number of servers because the agent used up all the CPU.