Ok guys, I have to be honest I was really versed on ZfD but it has been a good number of years since I've really touched it. Here is what is going on, we are migrating fully to OES2 SLES10/OES11 and removing all our Netware servers over time. We are at a point where we can retire 2 of our 3 remaining Netware servers if ZfD doesn't require them. We are in the process of also going to Windows 7 on all workstations, we'll use ZCM 11 for them. Here is my question....

What does the Windows Desktop Agents rely on for user related policies? Does it connect to eDirectory directly and read the policies? In other words we have Windows XP Pro workstations running the ZFD Agents. We are only are using the user associated policies for DLU(mandatory remaining profiles) and user associated group policies. We'd like to keep these running and if memory serves they don't call any specific NLMs on the Netware servers, they just read eDirectory for their information.

Is this correct? Please be kind, my ZfD 7 knowledge is simply fading away. Thanks.