Hi All,

Last week we updated to Groupwise 8 SP3, running on Netware 6.5 with no issues. Since that update we have had major issues with Data Synchroniser 1.2.3 Build 882.

Every 2 to 5 hours all the IOS devices ( we only use IOS devices) will throw up password messages and not connect. When the password is entered it is unable to verify and connection is not restarted.

Restarting the Data Sync Server does not restart the sync. You have to restart the POA to get the sync working again.

On the POA there are no obvious log messages at the time the sync fails, all the SOAP login in and log outs from the Data Sync server just stop. Sometimes the password requests will come up and if you wait 10 minutes and enter password it will accept and sync will start again.

The only new message I see occassionally since the update is the following:

Error: [0000] on Debug:2 hdebug=0, htemp=0

But even this is not regular.

When you restart the POA you will in most instances have a SOAP handler that is waiting to terminate which requires server restart to clear.

I have run a full cwcheck on all the databases, a DOM and PO database check and recovery to no avail. I have checked all the POA settings against the recommended in the SP3 docs.

I am out of ideas? Any help/thoughts will be much appreciated as this is frustrating.