I just solved this one, and thought I would share the solution as I
had typed it up as a question anyway.

I just had an 10 to 11.2 upgrade of two backend servers go through
with "Installation Succeeded".

Just to discover that the /srv/www/casaats/webapps/CasaAuthTokenSvc
folder wasn't even there. Just the CasaAuthTokenSvc.war was present.

The SigningCert was never made, and the CASA won't start.
(And the faulty server is the CA).

I assume this should have thrown a critical error during the install,
but it did'nt.

In the upgrade log folder on the faulty server,
CASA_auth_token_svc-1.7.1758-0.noarch.rpm.log says:

Preparing packages for installation...
warning: /srv/www/casaats/conf/server-sun.xml created as
The server keystore is already setup
Cleaning up webapp folders
insserv: Script jexec is broken: incomplete LSB comment.
insserv: missing `Required-Stop:' entry: please add even if empty.
(And 9 more times the last two lines)

On the other working primary, the
CASA_auth_token_jaas_support-1.7.1758-0.noarch.rpm.log says:

Preparing packages for installation...
The client keystore is already setup

The solution was to take down the ZCM services, copy the files from
the other server (/srv/www/casaats/webapps/CasaAuthTokenSvc/*) and
delete the "SigningCert" file. Remember to set the ownership back to
Then start the services, and the CASA will recreate the SigningCert
file. And all's well again.

I aplogise, if there's a TID out there, but I wasn't able to find it.