We have been experiencing some issues lately where our dynamic local user doesn’t seem to be working. Off and on when logging our workstations in we will see the Novell login was successful, then the zen box in the upper left saying processing policy for pre-login, and then it will sit there sometimes up to 30 seconds at which point it will either show “welcome” and log the user into windows or unfortunately drop them off at a windows login box asking for the local users password. Seem to be intermittent between machines and users. Meaning PC1 will work then not while using the same account or a different account. We are not getting the white and blue zenworks login box so I’m assuming ZCM is talking to the user source (NDS via LDAP). Our DLU policy is assigned to classroom groups of PCs. All workstations are Win7SP1 with ZCM Agent version ZCM server is 11.1 on SLES 11