I've been moving our DNS/DHCP services to OES2SP3 from NW65. This is on a cluster (read - needs NSS rights)
DHCP went off fine, but DNS is giving me headaches.
My main confusion is with the named user.

I'm getting permission errors on my shared NSS volume and realize that there's probably a rights issue with writing to the /media/nss/DNSVOL volume.
In the docs it tells you to LUM-enable any other user that you want to have run novell-named. Then it says to give the user id=44.

In my experience overlapping LUM and local users isn't supposed to be good, and overlapping id's on disparate usernames is double plus ungood.

Can anyone clear this up for me?:

Does the named user need to be LUM-enabled?
If so, does the local named user get left alone or deleted to use the edirectory LUM named user?
How does clustering change the user requirements for the named role since access to the shared volume is required?