Hi all,

I need some help with OES2 Linux dhcp server and option 43.
I have to implement a solution for Siemens sip phones, they require there vlan id and configuration server from dhcp.
So first when a phone boots it's on a data vlan and sends a vendor identifier (OptiIpPhone) in the dhcp discover packet.
So I created a class "match if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 11) ="OptiIpPhone"" with option 43 specifying sub option 01 (siemens) and 02 (new vlan tag).
To get this to work I had to export and modified option 43 to send out two sub options, but that I figured out how to do after a while.
After getting an ip address and a new vlan tag the phone releases the ip address and reboot on the new (phone) vlan, then again sends out the same vendor identifier to recive settings for its update server. So I created a new class with the same match string but an other option 43, this also has sub options 01 (siemens) and 03 (ip address of server).
Using the allow class/deny class options in the pool doesn't help.
Unfortunately this doesn't work at all, the server hands out the first class on the second boot as well.
Documentation is a bit vague about how to add multiple option 43 and the TID that somebody wrote is not that easy to understand or follow.
I guess that somebody already has solved this, and I should be very happy if that somebody could help me a bit.

Best regards