Back when I originally deployed ZCM 10.x I installed the Zen Agent on my Citrix Servers (2003 R2 SP2, Xenapp 5) because I thought that the application deployment system and dynamic local user would be great features to make managing users and updates easier on myself. After a short period of time some users started experiencing mismatched profiles. What I mean is that user JSmith who has login rights would sign in and even though they used their credentials, their "Full Name" on the local server account would change to another user, and they would have that other user's rights applied until I manually went in and changed it. It would stay working fine for a few weeks and then it would change again to either the same previous or even a different user.

Was this a known issue with earlier versions of ZCM or ZCM on Terminal Servers? I am upgrading my Citrix Servers to 2008 R2, Xenapp 6.5 and I am considering putting the client on again but since I'm the only person in my test environment I can't test this issue until I have more people using the system like it would be when I go live. Thanks for any info.